Join us for the 15th annual

Evening Showcase

The Evening Showcase is the show-within-a-show that celebrates imaginative artists working in all mediums, both digital and traditional, with 130 artists exhibiting in a cocktail party-like setting at the Doubletree Hotel.

2022 Main Show Hours:


Evening Showcase
8:00pm – 12:00am


Evening Showcase
8:00pm – 12:00am


The IX Showcase is a non-juried exhibition featuring 130 artists displaying their work in both traditional and digital formats.

This exhibition takes place on Friday and Saturday nights in the 12,000 square foot ballroom of the Reading DoubleTree by Hilton. The IX Showcase is an innovative show-within-a-show held Friday and Saturday nights during IX. While the Main Show is juried and restricted to traditional media only, the Showcase is open to all on a first-come, first-served basis and allows both digital and traditional mediums.

The Showcase is held from 8 pm until midnight on Friday and Saturday evening – after the Main Show has closed for the day – ensuring that the Showcase is attended by all IX attendees and exhibitors with no competition from other exhibits/events. In addition, the Showcase is open to the public free of charge, further enhancing its traffic flow and serving as a welcoming introduction to IX and imaginative realism for the Reading area.

Showcase Artists

Originally created as a way to allow IX artist attendees to display their work while attending the show, the Showcase has become a high-demand event in its own right, with the available tables usually selling out within minutes.


Aether Artificers

Alec Acevedo

Kate Adams

Shawn Adomanis

Kat Amsel

Amy Ashbaugh

Brit Austin

Linley Barba

Phrankie Bell

Jessica Bobonis

Arthur Bowling

Amanda Brack

Caleb Brackett

Jennifer Bruce

Stephen Burks

Lauren Cannon

Leslie Casilli

Laura Charles

David Clarke

Caleb Colours

Daniel Cotter

Katie Croonenberghs

Kayla Decoteau

John Dotegowski

Kristen Eisenbraun

Dan English

John Epler

Hugo F Escobar Bravo

Amber Feng

Joleen Flasher

Michael Flint

Toma Fode

Katelyn Gagnon

Quintin Gleim

Linda Graves

Nicholas Gregory

Julia Griffin

Heather Hart

Ben Hill

Olivia Hintz

David Hoffrichter

Seres Hofundur and Dobe

Keely Imai

Ingrid Kallick

Leah Kellaway

Carrie Kendall

Nicholas Keslake

Michael Kucharski

Adam Kuder

Thomas Kuebler

Sonia Lai

Brendan Lancaster

Carolina Lebar

Jimmy Li

Ren Lindroos

Jessica Liu

Aaric Liu

Kai Lun Qu

Kat Lunoe

Jon Majka

Kristen Margiotta

Bry Marie

david matzura

Chris McCall

Jeff McDonald

Emily McLaughlin

Carly Menasco

Jeff Menges

Ryan Messner

Christine Mitzuk

John Molinero

Anthony Moravian

Sarah Morrison

Reiko Murakami

Jack Murphy

Tom Nackid

stephen najarian

Alex Ngo

Stephanie Oplinger

Steve Ozminkowski

Allen Panakal

Francesco Paonessa

Halloran Parry

Rachel Perciphone

Marian Pham

The Else Lands – Philip Byers

Nicholas Phillips

Ren Phu

Nicole Pisaniello

Sean Price

Glimmergraphics Prints

Nicholas Ragetli

Tina Ritchie

John Salvino

Gabriel Sao

Amanda Scharf

Shana Schottenstein

Danny Schwartz

Stephen Scott

Susan Shorter

Athina Skevi

Joe Slucher

Stephanie Smith

April Solomon

Matthew Spencer

Eric Spohn

Patrick Stacy

Melissa Sue Stanley

alyse Stewart

Kathryn Stewart

Annie Survis

Tim Switalski

Burton Taylor

Colin Throm

Tiffany Toland

Matthew Tomczak

Nasa Tsuchiya

Eric Utterback

Nickie VanMeter

Kato Vecere

Santiago Villegas

Thomas Wagamon

Keeley Waite

Jabari Weathers

Owen Weber

David Woehr

Megan Wyreweden

Ryan Yee

Oscar Yohe Tapia

Eugene Young

Jim Zaccaria

Sara Zunda

“My first time visit to IX was an eye opener, it gave me a new impulse to push further in my work. It introduced me to a close knit community in which I was accepted immediately. The showcase is an excellent way of showcasing your work, getting it under the noses of some of the best in the business and inspiring colleagues. Getting feedback and contacts that transcend the business and extend into the personal. Rubbing elbows with those you’ve looked up to for years and getting to know enthusiasts that share your passion is a spark that ignites a fires that won’t die down.”

Evening Showcase Artist

“IX is one of my favorite times of year and the showcase is a main highlight of the event. Everything I love about IX, the community, the shared love of craft, the enthusiasm for the subject matter, is most apparent in the late hours of the showcase evenings. This is where everyone can let loose a little, simply enjoy work from seasoned pros and passionate young artists alike and let the joy of our community surround them.”

Evening Showcase Artist

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Artists are selected from submissions each year by a rotating panel of judges. This is a traditional media exhibition, featuring over 90 artists showing their work across 18,000 square feet and three floors of the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts.