Evening Showcase Artist

Steve Ozminkowski

Steve Ozminkowski is from Rochester NY and is a professional Karate instructor and Zen practitioner. Originally used as a form of meditation, Steve had evolved his painting abilities as a primarily self-taught, traditional artist. Steve has worked in inks, spray paints, colored pencil, fine carpentry, and most recently in acrylic paints.

Although Steve has worked the least amount of time in acrylic paints, it has become his favorite medium to work in, and has seen the greatest benefit from his daily practice. Steve has had work featured in many fan projects related to 'Sorcery Contested Realm', including having the honor of creating the featured image of Seattle’s Sorcery Convention.

Steve paints under the pseudonym “Ozminkoski” which is the original spelling of his Grandfather’s name as an homage to his influence on Steve's art.

This is Steve’s first professional appearance at an event in person, and he is excited to be a part of the Evening Showcase!

Selected Work:

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