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Sara Zunda

My name is Sara Zunda and I am an Independent Illustrator and Professional Creative. I am interested in dark fantasy style storytelling, graphic portraiture, and narrative comics. My current portfolio revolves around high detailed backgrounds and scenes, including things like folklore and story driven works, designed tabletop characters, and the writing and illustration of a few fantasy indie webcomics.

Fantasy narratives have always drawn my admiration. The concepts that are brought to this genre tend to be direct human issues, including woes and tribulations that every person faces daily. Adding a little dash of whimsy, a little wonder, and a touch of mystery, it becomes something breathtaking and larger than ourselves. With my work I try to add my own flavor of style as I share my world, as well as making a point to add more inclusive characters, colors, sizes, and creeds, than the majority of more traditional fantasy art that paved the way before I could even hold a pen.

Selected Work:

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