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Oliver Harbour

Chocolate-obsessed, English Illustrator with a penchant for the fantastical.

Ollie's background as an Artist began in Oxfordshire, England, with commissions of animal portraits, mainly oil paintings of horses and dogs, which led to running a photography studio. After several years of wedding photography, a battle-scarred Ollie returned to painting, which was far safer and involved fewer bridezillas. Although, this time the subject of his paintings were dragons, mythical creatures and magic-wielding heroes!

He has worked commercially for clients such as Marvel, Upper Deck and Monumental, illustrating card art, cover art and advertising art. Having just completed paintings of fellow adventurers from his weekly D&D nights, he is currently working on a personal project in homage to his old pygmy goat depicting the adventures of a wandering mage and his five goat companions.
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