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Michelle Mrowka

Michelle Mrowka is a fine art, portrait and fantasy painter from Saratoga Springs NY. She's adept in pastel, acrylic, oil and digital media. Michelle is often commended for her ability to perceive color as an expression of pure emotion. She uses a customized underlayer technique, but utilizes confident stroke in her paint. Michelle has built a large clientele for portrait and still life over the past 10 years. She has mentioned that painting these subjects is rewarding and truly an honor because most of that work is created as memorial for loved ones, or as a way for her clients to celebrate the things they hold with deep affection. Michelle Mrowka is now focusing strongly on bringing fantastical subjects into a believable environment. Diving deep into the seas of imaginative realism and surrealism. All of her work emphasizes the complexity of the human condition while easing the viewer with bright chords of comfort and grace.
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