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Michael Kucharski

Michael Kucharski was born in Detroit, he grew up in Hazel Park where he discovered King Arthur in a two room public library, and comic books on a local corner drugstore rotary comic book stand. As a kid, he spent nine months out of the year drawing, and the summer months running through Michigan’s northern woods. He won a regional drawing contest when he was 11 years ago, sold his first pieces of fan artwork at the 1969 Detroit Triple Fan Fair, and discovered he didn’t draw fast enough to make a living drawing comic books when he was 18. He began illustrating table top role-playing game books and sf/fantasy magazines a decade later; a few years after that went into advertising as both a graphic designer and as an illustrator, where he worked on everything from movie posters and video box covers to TV commercial storyboards, and advertising campaigns. He left advertising after participating in the In Dreams Awake: Art of Fantasy exhibition at the Olympia & York in New York City, and by an odd twist of fate, he ended up in the museum industry working as a combination Exhibit Designer/Graphic Designer which freed him up to pursue other artistic endeavors: wildlife painting, fine art printmaking, and Pre-Raphaelite imagery.

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