Evening Showcase Artist

Melissa Sue Stanley

I’m an illustrator and sculptor from northern Illinois. The lush green and blue landscapes of Midwestern summers are the heart of what inspires my work. I use watercolors and graphite to explore open fields and deep forests, looking for the small moments of magic and mystery hidden in these environments. My storytelling project, Grisella’s Woolbeast Wayguide, discovers the denizens of these worlds. I have been creating the Woolbeasts for 15 years; they are collected in homes all over the world and have been shown in galleries across the United States.

In addition to my personal work, I collaborate with my husband, Max Bare, on unique illustrative projects for local breweries such as Revolution Brewing. Other select clients include private portrait commissions, illustrations for Hit Point Press, and some really weird stuff for Dead Meat Productions.

Selected Work:

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