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Leslie Casilli

Leslie is a fantasy artist originally from Canada, from a small hamlet in northern Ontario. Growing up in the middle of nowhere she entertained her young mind by immersing herself in fantasy novels, movies, and her own fantastical daydreams. It wasn't long before she started trying to bring these worlds to life through drawing and painting, and thus the obsession began.

Now, she lives in the United States to be with her husband, who she met playing World of Warcraft. She works full-time on her art business, and just finished a Tarot Card series that took her almost 8 years to paint, and hopes to do a Kickstarter soon to make it into a full deck. Dragons are also one of her passions, and she is currently doing a series of dragons inspired by birds. Though she loves dabbling in many mediums, her medium of choice is Digital and Oil.

Selected Work:

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