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Kristen Margiotta

Kristen Margiotta is a Delaware based oil painter, artist, and art educator with over 19 years of experience. She has been creating art since her childhood, and pursued an art education at the University of Delaware where she studied both commercial illustration and crossed over into fine arts classes. Her education continued as she studied on her own post graduation in 2005, practicing her color mixing and establishing a more clearly defined drawing and painting curriculum for herself, which she still continues to practice with her students to this day.
Her narrative oil paintings combine imagination with a realistic portrayal of her chosen subject matter. Fire, dripping pearl tears, and white lilies are abound in her work. Themes as transformation, love, and loss, are wound up as powerful amalgamations, birthing beautiful imagery with provocative messages. Her previous body of work focussed on “big eyed” characters in unsettling environments, which also crossed over into published children’s books for about fifteen years.
Margiotta’s work went through a transformation, as a reflection of personal and intimate experiences in recent years. It is only natural that her work would shift, as her personal life had shifted. She’s returned to her roots of realism, but not limited to the confines of reality. Her work is heavily inspired by the old masters, and art history, specifically the drama of the Baroque era and devotional artwork, which she fuses with her own modern day interpretations and internal dialogue.
Margiotta often paints herself as subject, as well as people she is very close with, as their personal experiences, tie into her own. She is also known for her “alla prima” portrait paintings, a time honored tradition of painting models directly from life, with rapid, intentional brush strokes, completed in one session.
Margiotta is currently exhibiting with Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, and Wow X Wow online gallery, and various other galleries.
Margiotta lives in Newark, Delaware with her boyfriend, and stray cats, where she works and teaches art privately from her home art studio.
She continues to participate in large traveling expos, events, and taking on various commissions from patrons.

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