Evening Showcase Artist

Kristen Eisenbraun

Kristen Eisenbraun seeks to paint a universal story by depicting individual spirits that interact with the world. By merging a mythology that is appropriate for today’s struggles and stresses, with a classical realism technique, Kristen hopes to restore the viewers’ innate relationship with the earth biome. She fuses the recognizable with the imaginative to open a window to mythological understanding. Her work begins with the vulnerable state of today’s eco-realism and creates a path to comprehensive freshness.
Kristen Eisenbraun’s work tells the story of individual spirits. From up close portraiture that looks deep into her subjects souls, to fantastical surrealism depicting unique figures floating through the world in a dreamlike story land. Kristen uses traditional oil paints with her own unique techniques. Kristen’s goal is to use her art to help others dive into a deep search for spiritual connection to their own space and time.
Kristen builds her technique to answer the deepest questions of today. Who are we and How do we infuse our personal journey on this planet with magnanimous care for all life?

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