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Julia Lundman

Julia Lundman is both a traditional fine artist and seasoned commercial artist in San Francisco, creating paintings and drawings inspired by myth, folklore and fantasy. Painting in oil or acrylic, her process begins with sketching, developing ideas further on paper or canvas. Her technique moves from a detailed underpainting to glazed layers of color and refined detail often incorporating natural material collage like gold leaf, oxidized metals, pressed flowers and leaves.

Julia graduated from the American Academy of Art in downtown Chicago in 1993. She began her professional career as a background painter at Calabash Animation, a traditional animation studio. There she designed on two independent short films, "Heads Will Roll" (Dir. Wayne Brejcha) and visual art direction on "Stubble Trubble" (Dir. Joe Merideth), nominated for an Academy Award in 2000 in the Animated Shorts category.

Her experience brought her to San Francisco to Art Direct at Electronic Arts, Zynga, and Disney Interactive. She also Art Directed an animated tv series for Disney Junior and illustrated for Little Golden Books.

Her fine art work has been published in Infected by Art, volumes 8, 9 and 10, and Imagine FX magazine.

She is currently focusing her portfolio entirely on illustration and fine art.
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