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Douglas Girard

The following is an extract of my bio that can be found on my website:

I have been fascinated with fairy tales and myths since I was a young child. Stories of dragons, damsels, and heroes that my father read to me always captivated my imagination. One particular childhood book, about Siegfried, was illustrated by a long-forgotten Italian illustrator. The images he created have influenced me more than any other artist I have ever seen. His work put me in an otherworldly dimension similar to Arnold Boeklin and other symbolist painters of the late 19th century. I think that is what ancient myths and fairy tales do; they put one in mythic time. A time that is eternal and harmonizes with people that have come before. These tales speak about ideas beyond the here and now, beyond politics and the mundane. Most importantly, they open our eyes to the magical. The crushing weight of modernity has largely vanquished people's sense of wonder and magic regarding our world. My paintings are an invitation to find one's way back to the magic of life and nature.

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