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Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is a classically trained painter, sculptor and muralist. His work has been shown at galleries and events around the world – and on many buildings and walls.

Dan’s influences include world mythologies, esoterica, and consciousness studies. His signature elements – beautifully rendered forms, archetypal symbolism, Alien Deco designs – bridge the past and future, magic and technology.

He currently lives in Portland, OR.

“My stylistic emphasis is on symbolic realism - combining realistic imagery with bold, vibrant elements that convey deeper, esoteric, meanings. My designs emphasize imagery that is beautiful, thought provoking and enchanting. The emotion I try to elicit in a viewer is Wonder, motivating them to go about the rest of their day inspired and thoughtful. I aim to give the viewer an experience of peering into an unknown yet familiar world, and have the feeling that something is peering back.”
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