Evening Showcase Artist

Carrie Kendall

Art has always been a big part of my life. My "bread and butter" - as they say - is graphic design. My formal artistic training is in that field. I enjoy helping people and organizations express their message visually... buuuut my true passion is clay. It's my "me" time. I found polymer clay in late 2005. When I wasn't sculpting, I was watching tutorials on HOW to sculpt. (I'm a bit obsessive, but I'm working on it! LOL) Clay spoke to me in ways no other medium ever had. Sometimes it was like the clay knew exactly what it wanted to become! I just went with it. After about 20 pieces, sadly, health issues brought my new found passion to a screeching halt in 2009. I ended up taking about 9+ years off. Eek! Slowly, I'm finding my way again.. and attempting to find my artistic voice. My hope is to one day make art you will look twice to see if you can catch them breathing!

Selected Work:

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