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Brendan Lancaster

My name is Brendan Lancaster and I am a professional artist and illustrator specializing in fantasy and imaginative realism with a background in both traditional and digital mediums.

From the first time I cam across a poster for Batman in the late 80s, I have been hooked on drawing and illustration. Like many children growing up, my schoolwork and notebooks were littered with doodles of castles, wizards, and evil knights, and it appears I never grew out of that interest.

Today, my work is inspired by the natural world around me and the incredible creatures within it. I love monsters, aliens, mythical beasts, and all fantastical creatures, but I always turn to the amazing animals of reality to inspire and inform my work. I live in the magical oasis of Guelph Ontario with my wife and daughter in a small home bursting at the seams with books and art.

Selected Work:

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