Evening Showcase Artist

Phrankie Bell

As a color pencil artist deeply rooted in the realms of fantasy and storytelling, my work is a celebration of the imagined intertwined with the real. Each stroke of my pencil brings to life the mystical beings of my creation, the Troalkind — magical trolls charged with protecting nature's elements. My art is not just a visual journey; it's an invitation to explore a world where every character tells a story, reflecting my fascination with nature's beauty and the rich tapestry of myth and folklore.

Beyond my canvas, I wear the hat of a mentor, guiding aspiring artists and professionals in weaving creativity with leadership skills. In my workshops, I emphasize the power of artistic thinking in business, aiming to bridge these seemingly disparate worlds. My artistic mission is to ignite imagination, inspire a harmonious coexistence with nature, and demonstrate how art can be a powerful tool for change and understanding in our lives.

Selected Work:

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