Evening Showcase Artist

Alec Acevedo

Alec is a traditional and digital artist hailing from Schenectady, NY. With a lifelong passion for art that began with doodling on test papers in grade school and eventually led to painting on the walls at work, Alec has been honing his artistic skills and creativity throughout his entire life. His dedication and innate talent have propelled him to achieve remarkable milestones in his artistic journey.
In addition to his natural artistic inclination, Alec holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from Syracuse University, where he refined his technical skills and expanded his artistic horizons. His academic training provided him with a strong foundation in various artistic disciplines, including drawing, painting, digital illustration, and animation.
As a freelance illustrator and an in-house artist at Amsterdam Art Factory in upstate NY, Alec continues to push the boundaries of his creativity and explore new artistic avenues.

Selected Work:

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