IX Arts is the organization behind a range of projects designed to enhance popular and critical appreciation of contemporary imaginative realism. Initially founded as the home of the annual IX show, since 2008 IX Arts has branched out into other areas, including museum and gallery exhibitions, books, and the upcoming online IX Gallery - the world's only gallery exclusively dedicated to imaginative realism.


Under the watchful guidance of co-founders Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire, IX Arts has grown into an organization recognized internationally as a leader in the contemporary imaginative realist movement, and within the broader contemporary realism art world, partnering with organizations such as the Art Renewal Center, Abend Gallery, and the Delaware Art Museum to help bring recognition to imaginative realism as the cutting edge of contemporary realist art.


Jeannie Wilshire

Patrick Wilshire

Seathwaite's It's a Wonderful Life, aka Kerberos Wilshire


Jeannie Wilshire is a co-founder of IX Arts and its resident graphic design guru and photographer. In her previous life she delivered graphic design and technical writing services to a wide range of government and commercial clients.

Patrick Wilshire is a co-founder of IX Arts and its project manager du jour. In his previous life he spent 20 years as a multimedia instructional designer and video producer.

Kerberos Wilshire is the head of the Security Division as well as Vice-President of Leftover Management. In his previous life he ate sticks.


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