IX Arts is the organization behind a range of projects designed to enhance popular and critical appreciation of contemporary imaginative realism. Initially founded as the home of the annual IX show, since 2008 IX Arts has branched out into other areas, including museum and gallery exhibitions, books, and the virtual IX Gallery - the world's only gallery exclusively dedicated to imaginative realism.


Under the watchful guidance of co-founders Patrick and Jeannie Wilshire, IX Arts has grown into an organization recognized internationally as a leader in the contemporary imaginative realist movement, and within the broader contemporary realism art world, partnering with organizations such as the Art Renewal Center, Abend Gallery, and the Delaware Art Museum to help bring recognition to imaginative realism as the cutting edge of contemporary realist art.


Jeannie Wilshire

Patrick Wilshire

Kerberos Wilshire

Bill Cox

Seth Polansky, Esq.


Jeannie Wilshire is the beautiful co-founder of IX Arts and is responsible for all activities requiring charm, grace, good sense, empathy, and creativity.

Brian Frank brings his extensive knowledge of framing, joinery, and being really, really strong to bear on challenges large and small as IX's on-site manager.


Brian Frank

Head Minion

Patrick Wilshire is a co-founder of IX Arts and is responsible for writing Jeannie's blurb. He enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and sleeping indoors.

Brian Walters is totally not afraid of high ladders and shares the same first name as our Head Minion, allowing our artists to only have to remember one name to yell for during setup.


Brian Walters


Kerberos Wilshire is the head of the Security Division as well as Vice-President of Leftover Management. In his previous life he ate sticks.

Crystal Seitz is in charge of Visit PA Americana, the Reading/Berks County promotional organization. She's awesome and is more connected than a politician's switchboard.

VP of Security & Leftover Management

Crystal Seitz

Community Liaison

IX, IBA, Comicartfans . . . . if it's cool, Bill is probably involved in some way. We suspect he's also responsible for bacon, but is too modest to take credit for it.

Achsa, an ER nurse, is the perfect Shenanigans Coordinator; she can get you dancing on the tables AND stabilize any broken limbs that result.

Head of IT

Achsa Nute

Shenanigans Coordinator

We know a lot of lawyers, but Seth is the only one who will work for Magic cards. Any lawyer who can be retained with a foil Goyf is OK in our book.

Brian Stillman brings a lifetime of video production experience to his role at IX, plus an encyclopedic knowledge of DUNE memorabilia. Seriously. You can't put a price on that.

Legal Counsel

Brian Stillman

Head of Video Production


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