Evening Showcase Artist

Tawny Fritz

Our story merges at the point when the Collector adopts the work of the Artist and makes it part of their own story.

We are connected.

Art allows us to tell our stories, both by creating it and by surrounding ourselves with it. My story is a winding path from the bayous south of New Orleans to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Born in a city of Voodoo, Mardi Gras, and Art, raised in a small town of canals, cypress trees, and alligators, I was engulfed in a world of mystery and magic. I ventured out from that origin and found myself in service to our nation as a US Army Soldier, however, my soul never left those swamps.

I don’t shy away from confronting our common human experiences and my art reflects the internal storms so many of us are weathering. I set out on a journey to bring all of us to together

I still carry the magic of southern Louisiana with me and she speaks to me through the portraits I create of mythical subjects from across the globe. From Persephone, to the Morrigan, to Lilith, all mythologies carry the same current of human vulnerability and perseverance.

Selected Work:

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