We grew up (and alas, remain) comic book nerds. We devoured all things science fiction and fantasy. We approach our chosen genre with a passion for both the material and for traditional sculpting. At a time when so much of our industry has gone digital, we are the hold-outs, the guys who still want to get our hands dirty in the clay, intentionally leaving our pieces rough, raw, and organic, fingerprints obvious, to show that a human made this thing.


Our larger goal is to bring to life, in three dimensions, through means of traditional sculpting, the sense of wonder and awe created by many of our favorite comic book artists and fantasy illustrators of the 1970s and 80s. Our work owes a great debt to Frank Frazetta, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Moebius, Simon Bisley, Bill Sienkiewicz and many others like them. We seek to inspire kids and sculpture fans in the same way that these giants inspired younger versions of us, back in the day.






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